Grangemouth Centre

The centre at Grangemouth is on the Eastern side of the docks, we are not very far from the main gate.

 The centre is unmanned and open 24 hours every day, seven days a week.

Within the centre there is:

  • Free tea and coffee is always available and fresh milk is usually in the fridge.
  • Freeview TV with many News channels from around the world.
  • We have several musical instruments – please use them.
  • We have a quiet space for prayer and thoughts.
  • Pool and table tennis are free to use and you’re very welcome to help yourself.
  • Shipping news is available please help yourself.
  • Details for contacting ISWAN and ITF are available as needed.

One thing we ask is that if you make a mess or see a mess, PLEASE clean it up. We only have cleaners coming in once a week and so we value your help with keeping the place pleasant, clean and welcoming.


For more information and resources, please visit our Seafarer’s Portal

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