Vox Coelestis Concert Postponed

We are very sorry to say that the fundraising concert in Perth Cathedral planned for 5 September 2020 had been POSTPONED. This is due to the COVD-19 outbreak. As well as the safety of the audience – even if such gatherings are permitted by then – we had to consider the safety of the singers as well. Unfortunately, the act singing produces many more potentially-infected droplets, and the deep breathing means that the chance of inhaling them is many times greater.

However, this is only postponed and not cancelled. All of those involved are fully committed to putting on this performance sometime in 2021. Much of the planning work was already done, so it will be very easy to get this back into the diary next year.

Thank you so much to all those who purchased tickets – you will be given a full refund automatically.

The cancelltaion will have a big impact on our fundraising this year and, despite the outbreak, we have many fixed costs we still have to pay. Any voluntary donations would be hugely welcomed, and help us to approach 2021 without having to work hard to catch up, financially, from this year.

Thank you