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2018 AGM at St Mary’s Grangemouth

The Mission to Seafarers Scotland held their annual Meeting on Saturday 30th June at St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Grangemouth where Captain Martyn Clark took over as Chairman from Revd Dr Canon Bob Harley.

After the Rector of St Mary’s, the Rev Willie Shaw, welcomed those present, presentations were made on behalf of the Scottish Board by The Revd Canon Andrew Wright, Secretary General to the Mission to Seafarers to two Board Members who were resigning, due to their time of the board expiring. Bob Harley was thanked for his Chairmanship role of the Board and also his 13 years service as a Trustee and Ray Myers for his incredible 22 years as a Scottish Council member and Trustee, Ray stating that he will continue as a volunteer ship visitor for the foreseeable future.

The Rev Tim Tunley, Scottish Chaplain was also presented with a gift and card to celebrate his 25 years’ service as a Priest.

The new Chairman highlighted some facts from the Annual Report and the Treasurer David Graham-Service reported about the Annual accounts, thanking not only those who have donated by legacy and directly; but also those who volunteer to assist seafarers in many ways.

After Rev Tim Tunley reported about his work and gave a couple of examples of help he had assisted with in the past year, the Annual Address was given by Rev Canon Andrew Wright who spoke about assisting those in need.

Celebration of the Eucharist followed and then a light lunch was presented by ladies from the church, where Tim cut the 25th Anniversary Cake made in his honour. The chairman then presented flowers to the ladies who had kindly prepared lunch and refreshments.

R U 1 in a 1000 Campaign Launch

At this year’s Annual Meeting, we are launching our latest fundraising campaign – “R U 1 in a 1000?”.

We rely almost entirely on individual donations and periodic grants to carry out our support to our seafarers, but the reliance on this means it has been very difficult to plan our work, from year to year. This is why we are launching the “R U 1 in a 1000?” campaign.

We are looking to build up 1,000 supporters, pledging just £10 per month. If we can achieve that target, the future of our work will be both secure and sustainable for years to come.

We know that many people have limited incomes but, next time you buy a banana from a supermarket, or a shirt from a clothes shop, pause and think of the crewmen and women who helped to bring them across the seas to our shores.

For full details of the campaign – click here

Misson To Seafarers Scotland Annual Meeting 13th May 2017 – An Open Invitation

The Annual Meeting of MtSSL will be held in St John’s Church, Princes Street, Perth, PH2 8LJ on Saturday 13 May.  This year’s keynote speech will be delivered by a representative from SS Explorer Preservation Society. SS Explorer is one of the last surviving sea-going steam trawlers in the world and is registered to Leith.

There will be tea / coffee from 10.00am with the meeting getting underway at 10.30am.  This will be followed by our service in church and then a light lunch.

We look forward to welcoming you as we reflect on the past year when we marked our 160th year.  Please join us as we review the activities of The Mission to Seafarers Scotland and share with you our plans for the future.

Please reply by email to if you can come so that we have an idea of the numbers for our caterer.